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March 20, 2024

Announcing our $3.3M seed round, introducing and free assets for everyone

We are excited to announce that we have raised $3.3M in seed funding led by Lakestar with Supernode Global and prominent angel investors to build the future of 3D creation for the web.

You can read the full press release here.

With this strong financial and advisory support, we’re incredibly proud to announce, the future for 3D creation on the web.

Introducing, the future of 3D creation on the web

I am incredibly excited to introduce, the next step on our journey with graswald. With we’re trying to once and for all tackle the 3 main use-cases that make 3D so powerful yet complicated:

  • Content creation: Digitise anything using the power of 3D Gaussian Splatting. We’ve built a powerful 3D GS pipeline from the ground up, leveraging AI to achieve photorealistic results form a simple iPhone captured video.
  • Content editing: As a next step, we’re building the next evolution of 3D templates that you already know from Gscatter, allowing anyone to create 3D scenes and experiences quickly. Right inside the browser and photorealistically, thanks to 3DGS.
  • Content sharing: You can share and embed your creations with anyone on the web through a simple link. Our custom, high-performance web-based viewer allows photorealistic display of even the most complex objects. Of course, you’ll be able to render out images and videos, too.

Here’s a quick example of the quality that can be achieved with This chair took less than 5 minutes to capture (with an iPhone 11) and runs in real-time with astonishing detail.

With this powerful technology and tooling, we’re confident to build the next era of 3D content creation on the web.

We’re rolling out to more selected partners every month and planning to make it fully accessible within Q2 2024. If you want to try it out before that, please write to with a cool use-case idea 😉

Free assets for everyone with Gscatter

Focusing on as our new flagship product, our existing tooling and content will be available via and

I’m also happy to announce another big update for the community: At graswald, we strongly believe in only charging for offerings that are regularly updated and consistently valuable. With the focus on, we can't maintain the high standards we've set for the library's updates.

Because of this, we have decided to instead make all assets in the library freely available for anyone. If you have a graswald account, you can directly go to and start downloading the highest quality vegetation assets on the market for free.

Thank you for your outstanding support

I’m very excited for the next chapter in our journey of transforming how 3D content is created around the world. and this round is dedicated to our 170,000 users worldwide without whom we wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Your continuing encouragement keeps us going the extra mile. Thank you for your support!


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